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Yes, we actually grow things here, as this picture from June 2000 shows, but that was back when we were getting some rain!  You can see the yellow apples in the larger tree by the house if you look carefully.  Here in Texas we always have corn that is knee high by the 4th of July and probably ready to eat!  I believe this was Seneca Horizon, a 65 day to maturity hybrid corn.

One of our largest (that is a quarter I'm holding!) attractions has been the blackberries we grow.  These are Shawnee's from the University of Arkansas, but in the high humidity we have here in East Texas we get a lot of rosette (witches broom/double blossom).  At one time we had 1 1/2 acres of Shawnee and Brazos berries, but most succumbed to rosette.  We are now concentrating on Arapaho and Humble on a 1/4 acre due to their greater disease resistance.  We have always frozen these berries for jam making in the cooler months.  We normally make 20-30 cases of jams and jellies a year from fruit grown here on the farm.


Who says you can't grow apples in Texas?  These Dorsett Golden apples did well this year, but were a little flat tasting due to all of the early rain we had this year.  I don't know that I would actually recommend a large planting of apples in East Texas, but a few yellow apples would be nice.  Because of the high night time heat, the red apples don't develope good color and the yellows can be purchased that will make on the Southern tip of Florida!

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